Our philosophy

Our involvement with honey could be said to have come as a natural evolution of things but at the same time as a conscious choice. Natural development, since we are the third generation of beekeepers, with our family carrying a long tradition of offering to the Greek consumer whom it supplies with quality Greek honey for a decade.

Through these images that became an experience for us as we grew up, it made sense to love the art of beekeeping, which we learned from our childhood through the daily friction in our bees.


For us, Greek honey is not just a product. It is the sweet taste that accompanied us at breakfast before school, it is the pride we felt knowing that what we taste comes from the effort of our own people but also the good that helped us cope with the challenges facing every Greek family.

But apart from natural evolution, it is undoubtedly a conscious choice. Living next to people who dedicated their lives to beekeeping, we were immersed in the beautiful moments offered by this occupation and its many difficulties. With the great effort but also the reward in the first spoonful of honey.

“With the agony of offering the consumer a good that will meet his high expectations and will offer him, in addition to taste pleasure, a powerful weapon to enhance his health. So, one could say that this choice was a one-way street for us. “With a strong sense of responsibility, we decided to continue our family tradition, enriched with innovative ideas and the necessary know-how.”