Why should you choose our honey?

Honey is a delicious food, with highly beneficial effects on the human body. However, not all kinds of honey are effective or of high quality

Honey in the life of ancient Greeks

The art of beekeeping is not recent in Greece. On the contrary, it has been verified that honey played a leading role in the everyday life of the ancient Greeks, who were...

Should honey crystallize or not?

Quite often, honey consumers wonder about honey crystallization. You yourself may have heard or wondered about this phenomenon. “Should honey crystallize or not?” The answer

Propolis: an unknown ally for your health.

Propolis is a sticky mixture that bees produce by mixing resin exudate gathered from tree barks with beeswax, pollen, enzymes and other substances. It is used as...

Pine honey: Greek, organic and irresistible.

Organic pine honey is undoubtedly one of the best varieties of honey you can choose. It is produced by bees that collect honeydew instead of flower sap.

Honey: nutriment of the Gods.

When Rhea was pregnant to Zeus, Gaia and Uranus advised her to give birth away from Cronus, so as to protect her son from the fate with which his five siblings...

Honey: nutriment of the Gods.

It is widely recognized that honey has been an effective natural medicine for humans even since the antiquity.Its beneficial properties...

Honey: nutriment of the Gods.

Straight from the wonderful Aegean, the thyme honey we offer you encloses in its amber color all the beauty of the Greek islands, the sun and the sea. With its

Crystallized honey: how can we bring it back to life?

We have previously explained what is true about crystallized honey, the most frequent question which consumers are concerned about. Having made

Greek honey: the best in the world.

We Greeks are often believed to take pride in our origins and are quite often of the opinion that any Greek product surpasses in terms...

Pollen: a superfood at your service.

Many people may not be acquainted with the idea, linking pollen with certain types of spring allergies (incorrectly, as it is anemophilous pollen which is usually to blame for allergies); entomophilous pollen, however, is a natural superfood which can provide you with energy, health and wellness.

Royal jelly: a supreme food

Royal jelly is a thick, organic substance produced by the worker bees. It serves as the queen bee’s exclusive kind of food. It is not an exaggeration

Wildflower honey: Gods’ honey from Olympus

According to the Greek mythology, honey was the food chosen to enable Zeus grow up faster and claim his position among the Gods.


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