Thyme honey: The doctor from the Aegean

Straight from our wonderful Aegean, the thyme honey we offer hides in its amber color all the beauty of the Greek islands, the sun and the sea. With wonderful, strong, taste and intoxicating aromas, it comes to travel you in the most enjoyable way.

The careful selection of high quality thyme helps us to be sure that we offer you not only a delicious food but also a valuable and reliable ally for your health.

In particular, scientific research has shown that thyme honey is suitable to help you with several diseases and health problems that you may face.

First of all, thyme honey can fight inflammation very well, and whether you choose to eat it plain or in a hot drink, it is certain that you will benefit from its ability to help with upper respiratory diseases. Especially in case of a cold, it is certain that it soothes the throat and will make the cough subside.

Still, it is a natural way to fight stress, as this honey is famous for its calming properties, while giving spiritual clarity and stimulating the nervous system.

In addition, this precious treasure of nature prevents the occurrence of breast and prostate cancer. It is worth noting that thyme honey is a food rich in trace elements (iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium) while its antiseptic and antioxidant action is known.

Thyme honey can help you even if you have problems with your stomach, while its beneficial properties do not stop here, as it helps in the treatment of gynecological diseases.

So try the excellent quality Greek honey that we offer you and see immediately