Why should you choose our honey?

Why should you choose our honey?

Honey is a delicious food, with highly beneficial effects on the human body. However, not all kinds of honey are effective or of high quality.

Greek honey undoubtedly has an advantage over imported honey, the composition of which is sometimes of questionable origin. Nevertheless, let us see together why, if you choose our honey, you may be certain that you will enjoy not only a highly nutritional quality product, but also a shield for your health.

First of all, our honey is 100% pure. Contrary to other kinds of honey which, in order to obtain the characteristic liquid form consumers are used to, constantly undergo thermal processing, our honey is pure raw, rich in vitamins and precious elements. This way, we can assure you that in every spoonful you enjoy the taste of natural honey and not just a product resembling honey, which in no case will be beneficial (on the contrary, in some cases it may prove even harmful).

Our honey is rich in propolis and pollen. Why is that important? Let us first see what propolis is. Propolis is a sticky mixture produced by bees, mixing resin exudate gathered from tree barks with wax, pollen, enzymes and other substances.

Propolis is used by the bees as a disinfectant and sealant for open spaces in the beehive, and possesses highly healing properties. More specifically, it has:

Anti-inflammatory effect

Propolis can stimulate the mobility of the macrophages of the immune system. It also suppresses certain enzymes which play a role in the inflammation’s development.

Antiviral properties

It is well known that propolis has a wide antiviral range, while its potency against viruses is significantly reinforced when combined with pollen and royal jelly. It also has verified effect against viruses, including flu, H1N1 and H1N3.

Antifungal properties

Propolis’ antifungal effect has been practically verified against Candida albicans, Trichomonas vaginalis, coliform bacteria and other types of bacteria, fungi and parasites.

It is also proven that long-term use of propolis does not lead to the formation of resistant strains of pathogenic germs but it can easily destroy pathogenic microbes which have become resistant in antibiotics.

Antioxidant effect

Propolis can scan the free radicals of oxygen. At the same time, it protects vitamin C from oxidization.

Immune effect

Propolis has been proven to stimulate and reinforce the innate and adeptive immune system, at the same time increasing the levels of interferon, causing cellular and chemical immunity.

Antihistaminic effect

As mentioned above, our honey is rich in pollen. Propolis combined with pollen possesses reinforced antihistaminic effect and can assist at the remission of allergic symptoms and the gradual immunization of the human system.

Now, you can be certain that by opting for our 100% Greek honey, you consume not only a tasty food but also a powerful natural medicine, essential for your body and health.

Honey in the life of ancient Greeks

The art of beekeeping is not recent in Greece. On the contrary, it has been verified that honey played a leading role in the everyday life of the ancient Greeks, who were among the first to find out its healing properties and its high nutritional value.

This specific fact is most emphatically certified by the discovery of ceramic beehives in Festos, dating back to 3400 BC. A gold jewel of unique beauty, discovered in Knossos, depicting two bees holding a beehive, also belongs to the same historical period of time.

Although the art of beekeeping came to our country be the ancient Egyptians, the Greeks supported it in such a way that soon it was no longer considered to be “foreign”. Documents dating back to the antiquity, indicate that Spartan adolescents who were trained as soldiers, as well as their teachers, had to survive a month in the mountain Taygetus feeding exclusively in honey. The term “honeymoon” also originates from this custom.

In Athens, beekeeping was such a developed and organized occupation that the great legislator Solon (640-558 BC) had to establish laws concerning the required distance between two apiaries, so as to prevent misconceptions related to swarm ownership.

Furthermore, in the Aristotelian works “History of Animals” and “Generation of animals”, the society of bees is pointed out as a research model and an example of an ideal city’s operation, structure and hierarchy. The Greek philosopher indeed constructed a glass beehive, in order to observe the bees’ way of life and work.

Some of the ways in which the ancient Greeks used honey in their everyday life, are the following:

Oxymelon: vinegar with honey, used in order to relieve from fever.

Apple honey: apples preserved in honey, which finally obtained the distinctive smell of apples. Other fruit could also take the place of apples in this recipe.

Mead (hydromelon): a beverage produced from water and honey through fermentation.

Melikraton: milk with honey, used as food for children.

Oinomelon: honey with wine. According to references, Democritus’ longevity was attributed to the consumption of oinomelon with bread.

Hippocrates praises oinomelon’s beneficial effect to healthy and ailing people alike; Pythagoras ascertains that honey can eliminate fatigue, while Democritus associates well-being and longevity with honey in his works.

Should honey crystallize or not?

Should honey crystallize or not?

Quite often, honey consumers wonder about honey crystallization. You yourself may have heard or wondered about this phenomenon. “Should honey crystallize or not?” The answer is neither simple nor easily proclaimed with a “yes” or “no”. We should first of all make clear that there are certain varieties of honey, like pine honey or fir honey, which do not crystallize at all.

So, although honey crystallization does not signify that the honey is spoilt or no longer fit for consumption, in the case of pine honey or fir honey, crystallization indicates adulteration and therefore a bad quality product.

On the contrary, crystallization of wildflower honey (honey from chestnut tree, thyme, orange tree, heather, sunflower) is a natural phenomenon – still, it is does not certify honey purity by itself.

In order to have a clearer insight, let us endeavor to analyze the phenomenon. Honey which does not crystallize, is usually produced from coniferous trees and contains low glucose levels. This factor is of utmost importance, as glucose is the underlying cause of crystallization, along with humidity. We should highlight that crystallization is a natural process for unadulterated, pure honey and under no circumstances a need for concern.

If our honey contains higher amounts of glucose (for instance, in the case of heather honey or wildflower honey), it tends to crystallize much faster – within a few months. On the other hand, thyme honey which is of lower glucose concentration, may crystallize after two or three years.

The key point that consumers should bear in mind, is the following: if honey crystallizes evenly, it is probably pure, regardless of its quality, with normal humidity levels. On the contrary, if crystallization does not undergo a steady process – which you will be able to tell from the formation of a crystallized layer on the bottom of the jar, while honey is liquid on top -, this honey has more humidity than desired and it is a matter of time for it to become sour.

In any case, consumers are better guaranteed if they purchase their honey from trustworthy beekeepers and suppliers. Choose our own, 100% pure natural Greek honey.


Pine honey: Greek, organic and irresistible.

Pine honey: Greek, organic and irresistible.

Organic pine honey is undoubtedly one of the best varieties of honey you can choose. It is produced by bees that collect honeydew instead of flower sap. Honeydew is a sugar-rich liquid, secreted by parasite insects that feed on the sap of trees (e.g. firs, pine trees, oak trees etc.).

Honeydew is collected by honeybees, which process it into honey with the aid of certain enzymes. It should be noted that honeydew is of different chemical composition than the wildflower honey which consumers can find in a supermarket. Its color is usually darker, it is of high inorganic salt content and is characterized of stronger flavor and special nutritional and healing properties.

Pine honey is an almost red-brown honey, with spicy aroma and woody note flavor which resembles that of caramel. It should be noted that it is rich in minerals and does not crystallize in a fast pace, as it is of a naturally low glucose content. This, with plain words, means that compared to wildflower honey, pine honey does not need to be heated before consumption.

Pine honey is also rich in minerals and trace elements, since it contains certain amounts of calcium, magnesium, zinc, ferrum, cuprum etc.

In addition, according to a research published in the “Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food Sciences”, following comparison of 18 varieties of honey, it was proven that Greek organic pine honey possessed the strongest antifungal properties among all the varieties of honey that were rated in the research. In particular, its highly antifungal effect was certified against E. coli, S. marcescens, B. sphaericus, S. epidermis and B. subtilis.

Moreover, further survey has indicated that honey aids in the healing of wounds, ulcers and problems of the upper respiratory tract in children, such as hacking coughs. Finally, scientists lately investigate its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect in diabetic patients suffering from complications such as diabetic foot problems.

A reason why pine honey is the object of such researches is that honey is hygroscopic, which means that it absorbs water from the environment, thus leaving almost no water for the microbes to develop. What is more, due to its lower pH, it constitutes an acidic environment for most germs.

Therefore, entrust your health and taste to the excellent quality pine honey that we offer and be assured that your choice will never… embitter you!

Honey: nutriment of the Gods.

Honey: nutriment of the Gods.

When Rhea was pregnant to Zeus, Gaia and Uranus advised her to give birth away from Cronus, so as to protect her son from the fate with which his five siblings had met, eaten up by her husband.

Following their advice, Rhea was led into Diktaion Andron, a cave located in the mountain range Dikti in Crete, where she gave birth to Zeus. She assigned the baby’s protection to Kuretes (chthonic daemons) and to the Orean Nymphs of Dikti.

The Nymphs Amalthea and Melissa, daughters of Melisseus – King of Crete, eldest and leader of the Kuretes -, fed Zeus with milk and honey.

Indeed, Melissa’s choice to bring up Zeus by feeding him with honey, was made in order for him to grow up sooner, so as to take his merited place among the Gods. Remarkably, Zeus’ name “Melitteus” was given to him in honor of his nurse.

Another interesting piece of information is that, according to tradition, the bees fed Zeus straight into his mouth, aided by Melissa’s grace who gave her name to this specific insect (“Melissa” is the Greek word for “bee”), as well as to all the other Nymphs who succeeded her as Zeus’ nurses.

Melissa’s punishment from Cronus was severe; when he found out that she was the one who helped Zeus stay alive, he transformed her into an earthworm. Zeus took pity on her and changed her again, this time into a bee.

Another Nymph with the same name (Melissa) discovered the art of beekeeping and the recipe of making hydromelon. She passed this knowledge down to the beekeeper Aristaeus, who was also a semi-god. In his turn, Aristaeus was assigned to teach it to humans.

Honey also constituted the drinking and nutriment of the Gods – nectar and ambrosia -, a fact which confirms the high esteem in which honey was held. So, if the Olympian Gods opted for it, you can only imagine the benefits it can offer to you!

Honey: nature’s medicine

Honey: nature’s medicine

It is widely recognized that honey has been an effective natural medicine for humans even since the antiquity. Its beneficial properties were soon perceived by those who consumed it, while the fact that it served as the Gods’ main food – as related in the Greek mythology -, is more than a coincidence. Let us find out in what ways it can benefit you, especially when combined with water – a liquid of utmost importance for our body. In case you begin your day with a glass of warm water, in which you will have added a spoonful of Greek honey, apart from enjoying a tasty beverage, you will also experience the following:


It is a fact that our body has the ability to cleanse itself from toxins. However, it could use some assistance. Put a spoonful of Greek honey in warm water, add some drops of lemon and enjoy. Its diuretic properties will help you detox.

Healthy heart!

The flavonoids and antioxidant elements contained in honey, shield the heart and reduce the danger of heart diseases. It has also been scientifically proven that honey slows down the process of the oxidization of cholesterol in the blood – cholesterol has harmful consequences, leading to heart attacks and strokes.

It calms bloated stomach

A cup of warm water with honey is a natural remedy if you are facing the inconvenience of a bloated stomach and flatulence. The relief will be instant and you will be feeling carefree pretty soon.

Shield for the immune system

Apart from being a delicious food, honey is also a “weapon” for your health, rich in antibacterial properties. Due to its content in vitamins and minerals, high quality Greek honey shields your body against bacteria.

Lose weight

Who doesn’t want to keep in shape, especially if he is assisted by such a sweet food? Despite the fact that honey contains sugar, this sugar is different from white sugar. Honey sugar is natural and fights off your desire to consume sweet, chocolates and refreshments containing 64 calories per spoonful, in a natural way. As dieticians claim, by replacing sweet and refreshments with water and honey, your consumption of calories per day can be reduced up to 64%.

Improves the skin

The beneficial properties of honey do not stop here. Due to its natural antioxidant effect, which we analyzed before, honey protects your skin, maintaining its health. In particular, it fights off the environment’s negative effects while the skin remains clean and uninfected, thanks to honey’s antibacterial properties. In addition, its antioxidant elements help you in the fight against aging, at the same time moisturizing your skin. Apart from consuming it as a beverage in water, you can also apply it directly to your face, mixing it with lemon, oil and sugar for a quick peeling.

Put an end to sore throat

Are you suffering from cough or viral infections? A glass of warm water with a spoonful of Greek honey may help you recover your voice. On the one hand, warm water relieves; on the other hand, honey acts as a natural medicine in respiratory diseases and cough, preventing the development of bacteria resistant in antibiotics.

Regulate the levels of sugar in your blood

Honey, through the combination of fructose and glucose it contains, helps in the regulation of sugar in the blood, while it also aids in the fight against cholesterol. Additionally, according to scientific research it helps in the production of glycogen which reinforces the brain, heart, kidneys and red blood cells function, and leads to the lowering of glucose circulation and blood sugar levels.

“Wildflower honey takes care of everybody”.

Wildflower honey not only helps children grow up faster and healthier, but it also takes care of everybody. In particular, if you feel tired from the exhausting pace of life, you can introduce a spoonful of wildflower honey in your daily diet. You will certainly become aware of the extra energy and stamina it offers in a very short period of time.

Moreover, in case you suffer from stomach problems and indigestion, you should be informed that wildflower honey promotes digestion’s proper function. What is more, it may be of assistance in case of constipation, as it can regulate the function of the intestine.

Finally, wildflower honey acts as a deterrent against liver cancer and prevents diseases related to this particular organ, as it helps in its proper function.

Choose our Greek honey of excellent quality and we assure you that its savory flavor will not let you down.

Thyme honey: the Aegean doctor.

Thyme honey: the Aegean doctor.

Straight from the wonderful Aegean, the thyme honey we offer you encloses in its amber color all the beauty of the Greek islands, the sun and the sea. With its wonderful, strong flavor and intoxicating aroma, it comes to journey you in the most indulging way.

The cautious selection of excellent quality thyme, helps us make certain that we provide you not only with a delicious food, but also with a valuable and trustworthy ally for your health.

In particular, scientific research has certified that thyme honey is a helpful assistant in several diseases and health issues you may suffer from.

To begin with, thyme honey can effectively fight off inflammation, while whether you try it on its own or in a hot beverage, you will certainly benefit from its property to aid in conditions of the upper respiratory tract. Especially in the case of common cold, it can definitely soothe your sore throat and cause cough to become milder.

This particular variety of honey is also a natural means of fighting off stress, as it is known for its calming effect, while at the same time it provides lucidity and supports the nervous system.

Furthermore, this valuable natural treasure provides protection against breast cancer and prostate cancer. It is worth mentioning that thyme honey is rich in trace elements (ferrum, calium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium), with effective antiseptic and antioxidant properties.

Thyme honey can also be of help in the case of stomach problems, while its beneficial properties can assist in the treatment of gynaecological discomforts.

Try the excellent quality honey we offer and see the difference!


Greek honey: the best in the world.

Greek honey: the best in the world.

We Greeks are often believed to take pride in our origins and are quite often of the opinion that any Greek product surpasses in terms of quality the equivalent foreign products. Even if this is sometimes the case, in the instance of Greek honey we have solid proof that it is the best honey in the world.

Where is this excellence attributed to? But of course to the Greek nature. Greek honey is considered by many as the best in the world. This opinion rests upon the fact that it is an unprocessed, raw and unadulterated product, with a characteristic unique flavor and overwhelming aroma, gifts of the Greek land. Greek flora comprises of a rich synthesis of wildflowers, bushes and herbs; moreover, due to its climatological and soil characteristics, a rare variety of plants is gathered on small areas of land.

“Greek honey has the most effective beneficial qualities”.

Every time you taste Greek honey, you enjoy a product significantly superior to those from abroad, which are watery in density and come mostly from monocultures. Indeed, it should be mentioned that, apart from the simplest and most obvious experiment, that of taste (whoever tries a spoonful of Greek honey can easily perceive its superiority), scientific proof is now available as well.

The Aristotelian University in Thessaloniki analyzed 48 different Greek and foreign types of honey. The results of the survey pointed out that Greek honey had the most beneficial properties among the rest. In order to perceive its high quality and its immense contribution to human health, one should bear in mind the following information: in this particular survey, samples of Manuka honey were analyzed (Manuka honey comes from abroad, costs 220 dollars per kg and is advertised as the best in the world concerning its medicinal properties) and compared to Greek honey. The results verified that the well-known Manuka honey’s antioxidant effect was not as strong as that of the Greek honey.

In particular, according to the survey, the honey gathered from oak trees had the strongest antioxidant effect, followed by the honey gathered from fir trees, heather, chestnut trees, pine trees, thyme and orange trees.

All in all, Greek honey is not only of excellent quality but also of significantly low price. One only has to bear in mind its benefits and to compare it to products of questionable origin and composition, often sold as honey – a claim far from truth.

Wildflower honey: Gods’ honey from Olympus

Wildflower honey: Gods’ honey from Olympus

According to the Greek mythology, honey was the food chosen to enable Zeus grow up faster and claim his position among the Gods.

This myth cannot be considered as a coincidence, as contemporary medical research has pointed out that honey, especially wildflower honey, helps in children’s growth and in the formation of a strong immune system.

So, straight from the domain of the Gods, the impressive and almighty mountain Olympus, we bring you a honey that can take pride in its divine origin. Every spring, the rare plants and herbs that dominate the region, unite in an intoxicating combination and, along with the aid of the experience we possess, being the third generation of beekeepers, supply you with an excellent, 100% Greek honey.

“Wildflower honey takes care of everybody”.

Wildflower honey not only helps children grow up faster and healthier, but it also takes care of everybody. In particular, if you feel tired from the exhausting pace of life, you can introduce a spoonful of wildflower honey in your daily diet. You will certainly become aware of the extra energy and stamina it offers in a very short period of time.

Moreover, in case you suffer from stomach problems and indigestion, you should be informed that wildflower honey promotes digestion’s proper function. What is more, it may be of assistance in case of constipation, as it can regulate the function of the intestine.

Finally, wildflower honey acts as a deterrent against liver cancer and prevents diseases related to this particular organ, as it helps in its proper function.

Choose our Greek honey of excellent quality and we assure you that its savory flavor will not let you down.