Should honey end up sugaring or not?

One of the most common questions that concern consumers concerns the well-known sugar confectionery. Surely you too have heard it or wondered for yourself. “Should honey end up being sugary or not?” The answer is not so simple, nor can it be given with a “yes” or a “no”. fir, they do not sugar.

Thus, while the mere fact that a honey has become sugary is not a negative element, in case we have bought honey which claims to belong to one of the two categories mentioned above, it is obviously a counterfeit and poor quality product.

On the contrary, if we have flower honey in our possession (eg honey from chestnut, thyme, orange, heather, sunflower) it is normal for it to be sugary, but without this in itself being a certificate for its purity.

To better understand things let’s try to explain them in a little more detail. Honey that does not crystallize, most often comes from coniferous trees and contains glucose in low percentages. This factor is particularly important as glucose is the main reason that makes a honey sugary, always in combination with moisture. It should be emphasized that this is a natural evolution of the product if we are talking about unadulterated honey and we should not worry in any case.

So if our honey contains higher percentages of glucose, which is what happens when it comes from heather or it is flower honey, then normally it will sugar faster, with this period being calculated in a few months. In contrast, thyme honey, which has a lower glucose content, can become sugary after 2 or 3 years.

Now let’s go to the key point to look out for. If the honey is sugary evenly then it is probably genuine honey, regardless of its quality, with normal moisture levels. On the contrary, if the honey is sugared unevenly, which you will understand from the formation of thick crystals at the bottom of the jar, at the same time that the surface will still be liquid, we are talking about honey that has more moisture than normal and it is a matter of time sour.

In any case, your biggest assurance is to buy your honey from reputable beekeepers and suppliers. Choosing our, 100% pure and Greek honey, you