Pollen: A superfood at your service

Most people may not be aware of this, combining it in their mind with certain spring allergies (incorrectly, as the wind-loving pollen is responsible for them), but in its insect-friendly form pollen is a natural superfood that can give you energy , health and wellness.

Essentially, pollen is the male reproductive cells of plants, which bees collect to transport to their nest and use as a staple food. This is a food rich in protein, extremely important for those who exercise, but also for those who need more energy in their daily lives.

In its fresh form, which is the one that retains most of the nutrients, we find amino acids, carbohydrates, fatty acids and vitamins (A-B1-B2-B3-B5-B6-B12-CDEHK-PP), but also minerals and enzymes.

“The benefits to our health are many.”

In particular, in addition to allergies (which not only does not cause but fights), helps with seasonal hair loss, bowel problems, prostate, lowering cholesterol, hormonal disorders, poor pancreatic and liver function, in the treatment of hypertension, anorexia and obesity. It also significantly strengthens the immune system, which shields against viruses. Finally, due to its ability to contribute to the overall balance of the body, we look even more beautiful, with the beneficial properties of pollen not being limited inside our body but also externally.

Dosage: In its fresh form, it is good to start eating pollen with a teaspoon at first, until the stomach gets used to it. Then you can increase it to 2 teaspoons, while the maximum dosage reaches 6 teaspoons. of sweet. The beneficial effects of pollen take 2-4 months to be seen in the body, but it is certain that if you follow the program consistently, the difference will be obvious.