Monoi moisturizing oil and its magical properties!

Whether it is winter or summer, our hair and skin need care and hydration. There are countless cosmetic products that cover a wide range of needs, but nature generously gives us its own goodies. One of these is Monoi oil.

In faraway Tahiti, the largest island in French Polynesia, coconuts are in abundance. Also thriving there is the Tiare plant, a relative of our own Plumeria. Its flowers offer an
intoxicating light fragrance, which becomes even more scented in the evening hours, just like jasmine flower. This is when they are harvested to ensure the most intense
fragrance. It is always done by hand, carefully, to avoid the slightest possibility of damage to the plant. They are then poured into containers filled with refined natural coconut
oil and left to soak for 10 days, slowly, so that all the natural properties and aromas blend and bond together.

This oil came into our hands and we enriched it with five other natural ingredients, known for their amazing properties:

Macadamia oil for the treatment of stretch marks.
Argan oil, also known as the “Tree of Life” for healing burns.
Almond oil for deep hydration.
Jojoba oil for nourishment and toning.
Vitamin E known for its contribution to hair and skin health.
It’s a kind of Superfood, that is, for skin, hair, and even nails!


The ways to use it vary, as do its benefits.


In the summer when the sun and sea salt tend to dehydrate and “break” the skin, you can use the oil to prevent this damage. Immediately after swimming, without being wiped by the water, apply a small amount to the body and hair and wait for it to dry on its own to be properly absorbed. Warning though: while it helps to tan, do not use it TO tan, as it has no sun protection! The proper use of sunscreen in combination with the oil, offer the best result and the deepest tan! And of course it is equally important to hydrate our body with water, natural juices and lots of fruit which we find in abundance in Greek nature!
In the same way, we can also use the oil in our daily routine after showering, because as well as moisturizing the skin, it also leaves a nice subtle scent.


Dyes and blow dryers are hair’s worst enemy. Apply the oil to the hair with a light massage fifteen minutes before showering and then rinse well with shampoo. Alternatively, apply and sleep with it and rinse it off in the morning shower. It will soften the hair and nourish it deeply, making it stronger and shinier!


Initially mix the oil with honey, yogurt and oats. Then apply it to the face and neck, avoiding the area around the eyes. Leave the mixture on for fifteen minutes and then rinse. This way you moisturize the skin and cleanse it deeply!


During pregnancy, apply regularly to the abdomen, chest, arms and legs. This will enhance the elasticity of the skin and avoid stretch marks!


Massage the body to help you relax with the feeling of softness, but also with its fragrance!


You can apply it to the nails and rub it in well to strengthen them and help them from breaking.

Monoi oil is a natural product, a gift of Nature for us!  This means that it does not harm the environment and we can easily use it in the sea without fear of polluting it!