Honey: nature’s medicine

It is widely recognized that honey has been an effective natural medicine for humans even since the antiquity. Its beneficial properties were soon perceived by those who consumed it, while the fact that it served as the Gods’ main food – as related in the Greek mythology -, is more than a coincidence. Let us find out in what ways it can benefit you, especially when combined with water – a liquid of utmost importance for our body. In case you begin your day with a glass of warm water, in which you will have added a spoonful of Greek honey, apart from enjoying a tasty beverage, you will also experience the following:


It is a fact that our body has the ability to cleanse itself from toxins. However, it could use some assistance. Put a spoonful of Greek honey in warm water, add some drops of lemon and enjoy. Its diuretic properties will help you detox.

Healthy heart!

The flavonoids and antioxidant elements contained in honey, shield the heart and reduce the danger of heart diseases. It has also been scientifically proven that honey slows down the process of the oxidization of cholesterol in the blood – cholesterol has harmful consequences, leading to heart attacks and strokes.

It calms bloated stomach

A cup of warm water with honey is a natural remedy if you are facing the inconvenience of a bloated stomach and flatulence. The relief will be instant and you will be feeling carefree pretty soon.

Shield for the immune system

Apart from being a delicious food, honey is also a “weapon” for your health, rich in antibacterial properties. Due to its content in vitamins and minerals, high quality Greek honey shields your body against bacteria.

Lose weight

Who doesn’t want to keep in shape, especially if he is assisted by such a sweet food? Despite the fact that honey contains sugar, this sugar is different from white sugar. Honey sugar is natural and fights off your desire to consume sweet, chocolates and refreshments containing 64 calories per spoonful, in a natural way. As dieticians claim, by replacing sweet and refreshments with water and honey, your consumption of calories per day can be reduced up to 64%.

Improves the skin

The beneficial properties of honey do not stop here. Due to its natural antioxidant effect, which we analyzed before, honey protects your skin, maintaining its health. In particular, it fights off the environment’s negative effects while the skin remains clean and uninfected, thanks to honey’s antibacterial properties. In addition, its antioxidant elements help you in the fight against aging, at the same time moisturizing your skin. Apart from consuming it as a beverage in water, you can also apply it directly to your face, mixing it with lemon, oil and sugar for a quick peeling.

Put an end to sore throat

Are you suffering from cough or viral infections? A glass of warm water with a spoonful of Greek honey may help you recover your voice. On the one hand, warm water relieves; on the other hand, honey acts as a natural medicine in respiratory diseases and cough, preventing the development of bacteria resistant in antibiotics.

Regulate the levels of sugar in your blood

Honey, through the combination of fructose and glucose it contains, helps in the regulation of sugar in the blood, while it also aids in the fight against cholesterol. Additionally, according to scientific research it helps in the production of glycogen which reinforces the brain, heart, kidneys and red blood cells function, and leads to the lowering of glucose circulation and blood sugar levels.

“Wildflower honey takes care of everybody”.

Wildflower honey not only helps children grow up faster and healthier, but it also takes care of everybody. In particular, if you feel tired from the exhausting pace of life, you can introduce a spoonful of wildflower honey in your daily diet. You will certainly become aware of the extra energy and stamina it offers in a very short period of time.

Moreover, in case you suffer from stomach problems and indigestion, you should be informed that wildflower honey promotes digestion’s proper function. What is more, it may be of assistance in case of constipation, as it can regulate the function of the intestine.

Finally, wildflower honey acts as a deterrent against liver cancer and prevents diseases related to this particular organ, as it helps in its proper function.

Choose our Greek honey of excellent quality and we assure you that its savory flavor will not let you down.