Honey: food of the gods

When Rhea was pregnant with Zeus, she received advice from Gaia and Uranus to give birth away from Saturn, in order to protect her child from the end of his 5 brothers, which was devoured by her husband.

Following this advice, Rhea was led to Dikteo Cave, a cave in the Dikti mountain range of Crete, where she gave birth to Zeus. He entrusted the protection of the baby to the Kourites (chthonic demons) and the Diktaea Nymphs (Drekti nymphs).

The nymphs Amalthea and Melissa, daughters of Melissa who was King of Crete, elder and leader of the Kourites, fed Zeus with milk and honey.

In fact, the Bee’s choice to raise Jupiter by feeding the honey was made in order to grow faster and to be able to take the place he deserved among the Gods. It is worth noting that one of the names of Zeus is “Melitteus” which he received in honor of his breadwinner.

Another extremely interesting fact is that, according to tradition, the bees fed Zeus honey directly in his mouth, thanks to the Bee, which gave its name to the well-known insect, as well as to all the nymphs feeding on Zeus. who succeeded her.

Her punishment by Saturn was severe, since when she realized that she helped Zeus survive, he transformed her into an earthworm. Zeus took pity on her and transformed her again, this time into a bee.

Another nymph of the same name (Melissa) discovered the art of beekeeping and the production of watermelon, which was taught by the beekeeper Aristaeus, a demigod, who was assigned to teach people in turn.

Proof of the appreciation enjoyed by honey is that it is a drink and food of the gods – nectar and ragweed -. So if it was chosen by the Gods of Olympus, think about the benefits it can give you!

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