Honey: A natural medicine

Honey, as it is known, has been a powerful natural medicine for humans since ancient times. Its beneficial individuals were very quickly perceived by those who consumed it, while it is no coincidence that in Greek mythology it was the food of the gods. But let’s look at the ways in which it can benefit you, especially when combined with the -extremely important for our body- water. So in case you start your day with a glass of hot water to which you have added a spoonful of Greek honey, in addition to a tasty drink you will also have the following results:


It is known that our body has the ability to remove toxins on its own. Of course, this does not mean that a little help is not useful to him. So put a spoonful of Greek honey in hot water, add a few drops of lemon and enjoy. Its diuretic properties will detoxify you.

Strong heart!

The flavonoids and antioxidants contained in honey shield the heart and reduce the risk of heart disease. It has also been scientifically proven that honey slows down the process of oxidation of cholesterol in the blood, which has harmful effects, leading to heart attacks and strokes.

Reduces bloating

A cup of hot water with honey is your most natural ally in case you have the annoying problem of bloating and gas. The relief will be immediate and you will feel light very quickly.

Shield for the immune system

Apart from being an extremely tasty food, honey is also a “weapon” for your health, with rich antibacterial properties. Due to the enzymes, vitamins and minerals it contains, it shields your body against bacteria in case you always choose high quality Greek honey.

Lose weight

Who does not want to pay attention to his figure, especially if such a sweet food helps. So despite the fact that honey contains sugar, it differs from white sugar, it is natural and fights your desire for sweets, chocolates and soft drinks with 64 calories in 1 tablespoon, in a natural way. According to dietitians, by changing your diet soft drinks and sweets with water and honey, you will consume up to 64% fewer calories daily.

Improves the skin

The beneficial properties of honey do not stop here. Due to its natural antioxidant action, which we analyzed before, honey also protects your skin, keeping it healthy. In particular, it fights the negative impact of the environment, while the skin remains clean and free from infections, due to its antibacterial properties. In addition, its antioxidant elements help you in the fight against aging, while it is also moisturizing. Also, in addition to a drink with water, another solution you have is to use it directly on your face by mixing it e.g. with lemon, oil and sugar for a quick peeling.

Put an end to sore throat

Do you cough or suffer from viruses? A glass of hot water along with a spoonful of Greek honey can help you rediscover your voice. On the one hand hot water relieves and on the other, honey acts as a natural remedy in respiratory infections and coughs, preventing the growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Regulate your blood sugar levels

Honey, through the combination of fructose and glucose it contains helps regulate blood sugar, while also helping to fight cholesterol. In addition, according to scientific research helps in the production of glycogen, which enhances the function of the brain, heart, kidneys and red blood cells, leads to a reduction in glucose circulation and lowers blood sugar.

“Flower honey takes care of everyone.”

Flower honey not only helps children grow up faster and healthier but takes care of everyone. In particular, if you feel tired from the exhausting rhythms of the season, you can introduce a spoonful of flower honey in your daily diet. It is certain that very soon you will find the extra energy and endurance that it will offer you.

Also, in case you have a problem with your stomach and often suffer from indigestion, flower honey contributes to the proper functioning of digestion. It is also able to help with constipation problems, as it has the ability to regulate bowel function.

Finally, one of the many aids it will offer to your body is that it is a deterrent to both liver cancer and other diseases of this organ as it helps in its proper functioning.

Choose the excellent quality Greek honey that we offer you and it is certain that its divine taste will not disappoint you.

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