Greek honey: The best in the world.

Greeks often have the reputation that we are too proud of our origin and often believe that anything Greek is superior to the corresponding foreign products. Even if this is sometimes true, it certainly does not happen when we talk about Greek honey, the top in the world, with proof.

But where does this superiority come from? But, of course, in Greek nature. Greek honey is for many the best quality in the world. This is because it is a raw product, natural and unadulterated, which is characterized by unique taste and wonderful aromas which are a gift of the Greek land. The Greek flora has a rich composition of wildflowers, shrubs and herbs, and due to climatic and soil conditions it gathers in small areas a rare variety of plants.
“Greek honey has the greatest beneficial effect.”

So every time you taste Greek honey, you enjoy a product significantly superior to foreign honeys, which are sparse in density and come mostly from monocultures. In fact, it is worth noting that in addition to the simplest and clearest experiment, that of taste (whoever tries a spoonful of Greek honey can very easily realize its superiority), there is now scientific evidence.

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki examined 48 different Greek and foreign honeys, with the results of the research highlighting Greek honey as the one with the greatest beneficial action! To understand the quality of Greek honey and its huge contribution to human health, it is enough to think the following. In this research, samples of manuka honey (foreign honey which costs 220 dollars per kilo and is advertised worldwide as the best for its medicinal properties) were examined and compared with our Greek ones. The results showed that the well-publicized manuka honey did not have such an antioxidant effect as Greek honey.

More specifically, research has shown that the honey with the most antioxidant activity was oak honey, followed by fir, heather, chestnut, pine, thyme and orange.

So, apart from exceptional quality, Greek honey is in fact very cheap if one considers what it offers and does not compare it with products of dubious origin and composition which are sold LIKE honey, a claim that is far from reality.