Greek honey: the best in the world.

We Greeks are often believed to take pride in our origins and are quite often of the opinion that any Greek product surpasses in terms of quality the equivalent foreign products. Even if this is sometimes the case, in the instance of Greek honey we have solid proof that it is the best honey in the world.

Where is this excellence attributed to? But of course to the Greek nature. Greek honey is considered by many as the best in the world. This opinion rests upon the fact that it is an unprocessed, raw and unadulterated product, with a characteristic unique flavor and overwhelming aroma, gifts of the Greek land. Greek flora comprises of a rich synthesis of wildflowers, bushes and herbs; moreover, due to its climatological and soil characteristics, a rare variety of plants is gathered on small areas of land.

“Greek honey has the most effective beneficial qualities”.

Every time you taste Greek honey, you enjoy a product significantly superior to those from abroad, which are watery in density and come mostly from monocultures. Indeed, it should be mentioned that, apart from the simplest and most obvious experiment, that of taste (whoever tries a spoonful of Greek honey can easily perceive its superiority), scientific proof is now available as well.

The Aristotelian University in Thessaloniki analyzed 48 different Greek and foreign types of honey. The results of the survey pointed out that Greek honey had the most beneficial properties among the rest. In order to perceive its high quality and its immense contribution to human health, one should bear in mind the following information: in this particular survey, samples of Manuka honey were analyzed (Manuka honey comes from abroad, costs 220 dollars per kg and is advertised as the best in the world concerning its medicinal properties) and compared to Greek honey. The results verified that the well-known Manuka honey’s antioxidant effect was not as strong as that of the Greek honey.

In particular, according to the survey, the honey gathered from oak trees had the strongest antioxidant effect, followed by the honey gathered from fir trees, heather, chestnut trees, pine trees, thyme and orange trees.

All in all, Greek honey is not only of excellent quality but also of significantly low price. One only has to bear in mind its benefits and to compare it to products of questionable origin and composition, often sold as honey – a claim far from truth.