Our Philisophy

We may say that our occupation with honey is the result of natural evolution, as well as a conscious choice. Natural evolution, as we constitute the third generation of a family of beekeepers, carrying on our shoulders a long-standing tradition of offering to the greek consumer, whom we have been supplying with high quality Greek honey for decades.

Having grown up in such an environment, we incorporated these experiences. Thus, loving the art of beekeeping came as no surprise, as we were taught it since our childhood.

Greek honey is not just a product to us: it is the sweet taste associated with breakfast before school; it is the pride we felt knowing that what we tasted was the outcome of our own people’s toil; finally, it is the commodity that helped us cope with the challenges with which every Greek family is confronted.

Apart from natural evolution, however, our occupation with Greek honey also constitutes a conscious choice. Living with people who dedicated their lives to beekeeping, we associated it with the happy moments this specific occupation has to offer, as well as with the numerous difficulties it is related to. With hard work, but also with the reward of the first spoonful of honey.

“With the concern of offering the consumer a commodity which will live up to his greater expectations and which will provide him, apart from a luscious indulgence, with a potent weapon for his health reinforcement. So, one could say that this particular choice was a one-way street for us. With a strong sense of responsibility, we decided to carry on our family tradition, enriching it with innovative ideas as well as with the required expertise”.